NSBA - Nebraska State Bandmasters Association

Upcoming Dates

8th Grade All-State - January 6, 2024
Convention - February 29 - March 2, 2024
State Concert Band Festival - March 27 (University of Nebraska Omaha)
State Concert Band Festival - March 28 (Kearney)
State Jazz Festival - April 11-12, 2024




  • The NSBA State Marching Band Competition is statewide competition open to any marching band from the state of Nebraska whose directors are members of NSBA.
  • The primary mission of the competition is to promote improvement for Nebraska bands in a format that is inclusive of a variety of educational philosophies.
  • Bands are rated using the descriptors Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor. Bands may choose to participate in a festival format in which only ratings are awarded, or may choose to compete for ratings, scores and placement. NSBA will recognize achievement through ratings, scores and caption awards.


1 - Give students the opportunity to perform in a statewide competition
2 - Allow students, directors and parents the opportunity to see marching bands from across the state
3 - Provide optional formats of participation to help meet different philosophical program goals
4 - Provide bands with the opportunity to be rated with, and ranked amongst, other Nebraska bands
5 - Provide bands with the opportunity to perform and compete to achieve a standard of excellence
6 - Provide recognition for bands that have reached that standard of excellence
7 - Provide bands with the opportunity to be critiqued by nationally recognized music educators
8 - Provide bands with a critiquing system including recordings and ballots that will aid in improvement